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Recent posts and News


    Temporary Public Policy Announced to Apply for PR Applicants for Creating Refugee Claimants

    Canadian Government has come up with a special program under which certain refugee claimants would be eligible to apply for permanent residence due to their exception services in the health sector during the pandemic. The IRCC has put up a temporary policy in place for appreciating the roles of those working in Canada’s health care sector and providing direct patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic to know more about who can be eligible under this temporary policy

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      Exemptions to Document submission for Post graduate Work permit

      IRCC recognizes that the schools are unable to process or send the degree certificates or letter of completion to the students I time, keeping this in mind, international students who are eligible to apply for post graduate work permit are now able to apply for their PGWP without these documents and the same would be requested while their application is being assessed.

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        Change in Public Policy Concerning the Work Experience Requirement Under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

        IRCC updated on December 15,2020 that the condition to have a work experience of continuous one year has been taken off and now an applicant requires one-year work experience (1560 hours) in the last three years. This has been done due to the pandemic during which most employees were affected and had to leave work or stay away from work.

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